Measurement & Analysis



CCI Ability

Talysurf CCI Lite system specifications

Measurement Type
Measurement Mode

Z Scanner
Field of View

Objective Mount
Measurement Array

3D non-csr (>1 million point grid)
Coherence Correlation Interferometry. Patented by Taylor Hobson
Ultra high precision closed loop scanner
Up to 6.6 mm x 6.6 mm (objective dependent)
Green LED
Three position turret
1024 x 1024


Component size (max)
Component weight (max)
Automated X-Y stage

X and Y = 150 mm; Z = 100 mm
10 kg
112 x 75 mm


Vertical range (Z)
Vertical resolution (max)
Noise floor
Repeatability of surface (RMS) Measurement area (X, Y) Maximum Data Points
Optical resolution (X, Y)
Step height repeatability Measurement time

2.2 mm
0.01 nm [0.1 Å]
< 0.08 nm [0.8 Å] 1
0.02 nm [0.2 Å]
0.33 mm - 6.6 mm
0.4 – 0.6 μm
< 0.1%
5 - 40 seconds (typical)

Interferometric Objectives With standard 1024 x 1024 pixel camera

Mag   FoV(X, Y)   SamRes   Slope     Design
         (um)       (um)     (deg)
20X    825 x 825    0.83      14.6      Mirau
50X    330 x 330    0.33      27.7      Mirau

Talysurf CCI Lite Analysis parameters
2D Parameters 3D Parameters

Primary (Unfiltered)
Pa, Pc, Pdc*, Pdq, PHSC*, PHtp, Pku, Plo, Plq,
Pmr*, Pp, PPc*, Pq, Prms, Psk, PSm, Pt, Ptp,
Pv, Py, Pz, Pz(JIS), P3z, Pfd, Pda, Pla, PH, PD,
PS, Pvo

Waviness (Filtered)
Wa, Wc, Wdc*, Wdq, WHSC*, WHtp, Wku, Wlo,
Wlq, Wmr*, Wp, WPc*, Wq, Wrms, Wsk, WSm,
Wt, Wtm, Wtp, Wv, Wy, Wz, Wz(JIS), W3z, Wda,
Wla, Wmax, WH, WD, WS, Wvo

Roughness (Filtered)
Ra, Rc, Rdc, Rdq, RHSC, RHtp, Rku, Rlo, Rlq,
Rmr, Rp, RPc, Rq, Rrms, Rsk, RSm, Rt, Rtm,
Rtp, Rv, Ry, Rz, Rz(JIS), R3z, Rfd, Rda, Rla,
Rmax, RH, RD, RS, Rvo

Rk (DIN 4776, ISO 13565-2)
A1, A2, Mr1, Mr2, Rk, Rpk, Rvk, Rpk, Rvk

R&W (ISO 12085)
AR, AW, HTrc, Pt, R, Rke, Rpke, Rvke, Rx, Trc,
W, Wte, Wx, Kr, Nr, SR, SAR, Kw, Nw, SW, SAW

Straightness (ISO 12780)

Sa, Sq, Sp, Sv, St, Ssk, Sku, Sz

Area & Volume
Stp, SHtp, Smmr, Smvr, Smr, Sdc

Sk, Spk, Svk, Sr1, Sr2, Sbi, Sci, Svi,
Sm, Vv, Vm, Vmp, Vmc, Vvc, Vvv


Hybrid & Spatial
Sdq, Ssc, Sdr
Spc, Sds, Str, Sal, Std, Sfd

Data analysis
Step height, Lateral Distance, Pitch,
Angle Measurement, Peak Count,
Interactive Abbott-Firestone Curve,
Volume of Islands, Autocorrelation,
Fractal Analysis, Motifs Analysis,
Frequency Analysis, Data Patching

Gaussian, Robust Gaussian, Spline, Wavelet,
Robust Wavelet and Morphological