Technical Services

We have various types of plastic injection molding machines worldwide

       Min Aik is a full service plastic injection molder. We have various types of plastic injection molding machines worldwide, all are co-located with our assembly facilities . Min Aik specializing in design and manufacturing of prototype and production tooling is a major competitive differentiator. With over 100 tooling engineers and extensive manufacturing capabilities in oversea factories, Min Aik satisfies customer's most complex tooling requirements . We make our tooling by using in-house facility and resources from 15 tons to 600 tons of size. Besides, we can complete mass production tooling within 3 weeks through our fast and flexible manufacturability.


Our injection molding & capabilities include
  • Injection mold tooling design & fabrication
  • Double material injection
  • Insert / Over molding
  • IMF capability
  • Vertical / Horizontal molding capability
  • Clean room / control room molding capability
plastic Materials
Stringent process controls and a good understanding of plastic materials

      Our plastic injection moulding business are located in Singapore and Suzhou, PRC. Our core activity of precision plastic injection moulding has the capability for class 10,000 and class 100,000 clean room moulding, double shot and insert moulding, thin wall moulding and in-mould labeling. We have 97 plastic injection machines and 49 tool room machines in total. Our capability include the ability to control up to 15 microns tolerance for significant dimensions, stringent process controls and a good understanding of plastic materials, including specialized material grades such as cyclic olefin copolymer, liquid crystal polymer, PEEK, Thermoplastic Elastomer and modified resin with filler, like Teflon, silicon for selflubrication and glass fibres for high strength and stiffness.




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