Technical Services


        Min Aik creates innovative, market-leading products for our customers. We team up with customers at any  phase of the product development cycle from concept to production launch.
       Our flexible engagement models allow customers to utilize Min Aik's global engineering team for complete,full turnkey product development or for a specific contract design service.
       Min Aik industrial designers develop innovative, electronic products with a design process that creates a balance between the demands for cost-effective, volume manufacturing and the  requirements for a stylish  device with cutting-edge functionality.

       Industrial designers utilize multiple tools to create in-depth concept models for the customer. Drawings, illustrations, 2-D and 3-D CAD models, mock ups and detailed hard models are used to discover solutions based on our customers' needs. We can provide an ID proposal within 1 week and mock up samples within 2 weeks

      At Min Aik, we provide strategic integration services to companies in the computer, networking, communications, consumer, and medical industries. With flexibility operation management  and global logistic planning,Min Aik can provide fastest response to fulfill customers rapid upside or downside demand. We can also provide just in time delivery service through well inventory management.



         With a network of global manufacturing facilities in China, Thailand, Malaysia and Taiwan, Min Aik delivers low cost, high volume assembly solutions for various customers. We always follow customers' step and grow up with customers as a solid ODM/OEM partners.

  • Solder Print/Cleaning
  • Mounting Machine
  • Reflow Oven
  • Wave Soldering Oven
  • AOI Equipment
  • Solder Paste Thickness
  • Measure System
Assembly Line
  • ESD Controlled Environment :
    ANSI/ESD S20.20-1999 : Class 2, 100V HBM
  • Environmental Control :
    Humidity (50-60 %RH) Control
    Maintain at a Positive Pressure