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Information Security Service
We can provide all-day information security monitoring services

       Through the establishment of the cloud information security warfare center, Min Aik will establish an information security service team in 2021 and become a service provider of OT information security defense solutions.

Service contents
  • External intrusion intelligent active defense service.
  • Emotional information sharing, industrial information security joint defense service.
  • Information security incident handling and automated notification services.

Classification management

Min Aik information security services are divided into protection services, detection services and maintenance services. By sharing more than 19 million potential threats every day, the intelligence system is updated every 15 minutes, so it can almost detect the global circulation various immediate threats improve the ability to share global customer insights and best practices.

Source of information

Min Aik intelligence source and detection mechanism can bring intelligence into full play in the three stages of information security incidents before, during and after the incident. Through sharing and detection, you can detect threats early, report information immediately, and block threats immediately to protect corporate network security.

Automatic notification

Min Aik information security notification platform provides companies with rapid two-way notification and emergency response when they discover information communication security incidents such as damage to and improper use of the information communication system, so that the hacked system can return to normal in the shortest possible time and reduce disaster losses.

Detection method

Min Aik information security inspection method is like a human health inspection. Only through regular inspections can we find and fix information security vulnerabilities as early as possible to maintain the security of the corporate network environment. Through the application of packet inspection, endpoint scanning, and trapping technology, latent ransom ware and malicious activities are uncovered.

Service items
Information security monitoring service SOC      
    7x24 information security monitoring service
  • Analyze network activities around the clock and monitor information security risks.
  • Update global information security information every hour to deal with emergencies.
      Instant alert notification service for information security events
  • Medium and high risk information security alerts are notified to customers via Line/Telegram.
      Information security incident notification service tool
  • Assist in filtering information security incidents and reporting to relevant authorities.
      Customized battle situation center monitoring screen
  • Provide customers to view customized battle situation monitoring screens.
      Monthly vulnerability scan analysis
  • Perform a scan analysis of the client's weaknesses once a month.
     Monthly information security monitoring and management report
  • A monthly information security monitoring report, including equipment operation overview, information security incident analysis, incident tracking management and key information sharing.
Information security testing services      
      Information Security Diagnosis
  • Including network architecture inspection, wired network malicious activity inspection, user-side computer inspection, server host inspection, and security setting inspection. Through the integration of various information security project inspection services, we provide professional and feasible modification solutions and suggestions for implementation, Understand the company's safety level and protective measures.
     Penetration Testing
  • Imitate a real hacker, act as an attacker to challenge the strength of system protection, find out the vulnerabilities and ways that can be invaded, and help companies detect whether there are security concerns on the network.
     Acalvio Shadow Plex System
  • Highly accurate and fully automated observation capabilities, without the help of features and endpoint agents, can detect network attackers’ activities in real time, and immediately alert the information security team.

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