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Information Security Service
We use a compliance perspective to build the benchmark for information security protection

About Min Aik Information Security Service

        The goal of Min Aik's information security service team is to assist clients in implementing regulatory compliance, integrating and automating regulatory systems and actual maintenance operations, thereby improving information security conditions and establishing a safe digital environment that complies with regulations. When enterprises import information security, they often do not know how to start. Min Aik helps you gradually build a complete information security protection from the perspective of compliance. Effective integration of operation and execution allows managers to easily handle regulations-related operations.

Event Information

        Min Aik exhibited automation equipment combined with information security battle center at the information security conference At the invitation of the Digital Industry Agency and the Industrial Research Institute, Min Aik was honored to participate in the exhibition on the theme of industrial control security at the Taiwan Information Security Hall of the 2022 Information Security Conference. Vice President Lai Ching-te personally visited the main exhibition hall of Min Aik "Taiwan Information Security". Pavilion-Industrial Control Security Theme Area, the vice president went to the Taiwan Information Security Pavilion to experience the information security situation display of smart green energy, industrial control security, and Internet of Things industry information security standards, and listened carefully to the information security situation introduced by the information security manager of Min Aik Center and other solutions. Min Aik uses system integration capabilities to add information security monitoring services to achieve the goal of combining smart manufacturing and information security protection. Through the cloud information security battle center, a data collector is installed to collect network packet information to build information security for customers. The monitoring service shares information security information, and provides information security personnel to effectively use information security information to make the most effective decision for information security protection. Vice President Lai Ching-te also cheered on my country's information security startups, and hopes to continue to work together with public and private efforts to build Taiwan into a "tough, safe, and reliable smart country." The Min Aik Chief Officer and the Information Security Manager of Min Aik took a group photo as a souvenir.

Product Introduction-Three demands of information security products
  • Remote monitoring by Min Aik, customers can check information at any time on the local end.
  • The monitoring information is synchronized with the customer, and there is no fraud.
  • Local, remote, Line, three-party alarms do not miss any alarms.
  • 5x8 information security experts online monitoring and reminder.
  • Inquiries and solutions for information security incidents.
  • Procedural inquiries and handling suggestions for incident handling.
  • Collect information security information contributed by information security experts from all over the world.
  • Intelligence-driven information security monitoring service to quickly discover information security threats.
  • More than 6,000 associations rules, and continue to increase.

Information and communication Security Threat
Detection Management
  • Based on real-time information security information, detect malicious activities through network packet characteristics and behavior analysis.
  • Integrate security systems through information security information to strengthen network border protection.
  • Provide 5x8 information security expert alarm event online consultation service.
  • Through the deception system, a large number of simulated and real decoys can be quickly deployed to improve the threat detection effect.
Powerful information source and automatic notification platform

        Min Aik's intelligence source and detection mechanism can bring intelligence to great value during the occurrence of information security incidents. Through sharing and detection, you can detect threats early, report information security immediately, and block threats immediately to protect corporate network security. Min Aik's information security notification platform provides enterprises with rapid two-way notification and emergency response when they find information and communication systems are damaged or improperly used to the minimum.

The best tool for security compliance

        Min Aik provides various regulatory audit management functions, which can help clarify the information security requirements of various regulations, and can also upload and manage the data of each document. When the auditors interrogate, they can provide relevant certification documents to make the audit work smoothly. Completed, it is helpful to check whether the current network policy complies with the information security framework and regulatory standards.

Visual Information Security Situation Center

        Min Aik integrates the information of a number of information security equipment and provides a visual monitoring interface. The friendly operation interface enables non-information security professionals to learn and use it. At the same time, it provides 5x8 online expert consultation services to help users eliminate difficulties in the monitoring process. Make daily monitoring work more efficient.

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