Bamboo Based Bioplastic

Bamboo Based Bioplastic

The story of bamboo industry in Taiwan
Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth, it become mature and can be utilized after 4 years of growing. However, the forest of bamboo will become unhealthy if old ones was not cut off, which result in reduction of it’s soil preservation & carbon fixation function.

Min Aik Technology is committed to fulfilling corporate society responsibility. In order to reduce the usage of plastic, activate bamboo forest as well as increase carbon sink capability, We plan to use bamboo powder/fiber as bio-based of Bio-plastic.

New grown bamboo forest has better photosynthesis capability. It absorbs 12 tons of CO2 per hectare. Using bamboo continuously would create a win-win solution for both bamboo forest environment & industry.

◆ Giving Bamboo Industry a New Life

◆ Reduce Plastic & Eco-friendly
◆ Increase forest carbon sink
◆ Fulfill Corporate society responsibility
There are more than 11 million fastfood junkies in Taiwan. The consumption amount of disposable tableware is around 60K tons per year. Not only causing a heavy burden for our environment, but also seriously affecting our health.
Apart from encouraging using repetitive utilization tableware, tableware made of eco-friendly material can effectively reduce the usage of plastic.
Replacing plastic tableware with one made of bioplastic material with 50% of bamboo will reduce around 30K tons of plastic consumption per year. It’s equivalent to one-third output of whole bamboo forest of Fu-Xing district of Tao-Yuan city.

◆ Our products have passed following strict test by SGS Taiwan Limited.

Food container test. Report No.:CT/2020/20550,CT2020/20551
Environmental protection standard test. Report No.:CH_2020_20075,CH_2020_20076

We commissioned Beta Analytic TESTING LABORATORY to perform following tests.
Report No.:Beta-554503_e,Beta-554504_e